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Reptiles & Amphibians
Image by Andrey Tikhonovskiy
Anoles, Geckos & Iguanas

Anoles and other small lizards are another of Mount Tully Kennels' specialties. In the store you'll find a separate room with extra heat, dedicated to these and other small pets.

Tanks, heat lamps, warming rocks, live crickets and more ... everything your reptile needs for comfort and style.

Care Sheets
Frogs & Toads

No leash required! Tree frogs make wonderful companions! Mount Tully Pet Store, has all the things you need for the frog.

* Kiss at your own risk, Mount Tully Pet Store makes no guarantees concerning froggies' princely qualities.

Care Sheets
Image by David Clode
Image by Marcus Dietachmair

Just 'cause they don't wag their tails doesn't mean they're not friendly! Tortoises make interesting and educational pets perfect for "No Pets Allowed" apartment dwellers.

Care Sheets
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