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Cat Food & Supplies

Mount Tully Kennels, Pet Hotel and Store, has a special section dedicated just to cats!

Specialized diet foods, low ash foods, canned and dry foods from top brand names!

Curbside Pickup Available!

The 3 Levels of Cat Food

Not all cat food is created equally, in fact, there are three different tiers.

At Mount Tully Kennels, we mainly carry the top 2 tiers of food options.

Tier 1:

  • highest quality

  • contains no bi-products,
    corn or wheat gluten,
    grade A meats


Examples: Fromm, Merrick,
Taste of the Wild, Earthborn,
Natural Balance

Tier 2:

  • second highest quality

  • contains grade B and C meats, some bi-products
    and fillers, as well as grains and wheat


Examples: Purina Pro Plan,
Nutrena Royal Canin,

Science Diet, Iams

Tier 3:

  • lowest quality of food

  • basically all corn, wheat, and soy, packed with bi-products. Dyes and flavorings sprayed all over food


Examples: Old Roy, Gravy Train, Beneful, Alpo, Kibbles and Bits, Blue Seal Krunchies

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