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Birds & Small Animals

At Mount Tully Kennels, Pet hotel and Store, we stock a variety of small birds locally hatched and hand raised by reputable breeders.

We typically have parakeets, finches and canaries, but other varieties are available at special request.

Here at Mount Tully Kennels we also stock everything you need to keep your feathered friends safe, healthy and happy. We have cages, stands, toys, and other accessories!

Guinea Pigs

A squeaky, loveable fuzz ball, each guinea pig is unique and cuddly. Mount Tully Kennels has a department dedicated to the care of Guinea Pigs. Hutches, tanks, toys, feed, books, shavings ... you name it!

If it's good for the guinea, we've got it!

Image by Karlijn Prot
Image by Ricky  Kharawala

Perhaps the most requested of all rodents, hamsters are happy, wonderful pets. Mount Tully Kennels is your supplier for hamsters, hamster tubes, wood shavings, tanks and screened lids and food.

Mice, Rats & Fancy Rats

Squeaky little white mice for sale! Mount Tully Kennels has mice and mouse supplies!

Bigger than a mouse, smaller than a house ... Rats! Mount Tully Kennels has a home for your rat, food, shavings, water bottles ... all the ingredients to make a rat heaven!

Image by Erik-Jan Leusink

Rabbits make cuddly, quiet pets ... and they can be house broken! Mount Tully Kennels has rabbits all year round! We supply hutches, food, and other supplies!

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