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Dog Kennels

Mount Tully Kennels offers boarding for dogs (and cats) with the finest accommodations for your pet while you're away. We are dedicated to caring for your precious pet by providing clean personalized care with plenty of room for exercise in a home-like country atmosphere. Heated in winter and air conditioned in summer, we know that a safe, comfortable and happy pet translates to a happy guilt-free vacation for the owner.

Each Kennel is set up with a water bucket and pallet, and has an indoor (4'x6') and outdoor (4'x10') area. Every dog is let outside into their outdoor area four times a day for one hour each time. They will also get at least one five-minute walk each day.

Extra Socialization

Exercise and daily play to keep your dog happy and healthy!

We treat all our overnight guests with love and attention! But if you feel your pet needs some extra contact, you can treat your pet to 10 minutes of 1 on 1 playtime with one of our dog-loving staff for an additional charge.

Dog Boarding Rates

Boarding (overnight):    $49/ day

Daycare (same day):    $20

Medication (per dose):    $1

Extra Socialization:    $6 per

* check out during first hour of open, no charge for the day

* any holiday will be a charge day

dog food
Dog Feeding

The Pet Hotel and Kennels provide a complete feeding program, but we recognize that some pets require a special diet. We will be happy to give any special meals you provide. Bedtime bones are provided, but if you wish, you are welcome to purchase additional bones and rawhide bones at our store for extra treats.

All pets have water available at all times.

We recommend that you bring your own dog or cat food when dropping your furry friend off, so they do not upset their stomach while they are here. However, we do have dry and wet food at no charge to you!

We recommend that you bring your furry friend's favorite toy, blanket,

or even a shirt of the owners to keep them comfortable during their stay.

We provide bedding and blankets for your pet at no extra charge!

Cat Hotel

The Cat Room is a purrrfect place for your feline while you're away. A stimulating atmosphere with multi-levels; a veritable playground to keep your kitty happy and well and anything but bored! And, like the dog kennels, the cat room is heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer!  You can bring a special toy or purchase one from our store.

Cats are housed in individual cat suites that have napping shelves and litter boxes, with water available at all times. A TV is always playing in the cat room with favorites such as goldfish, birds, and bugs!

Friendly cats are let out of their kennel at least once a day for an extended period of time, depending on how many cats are boarding at the time.

Image by Caleb Woods
Cat Boarding Rates

Boarding (overnight):    $25 / day

Daycare (same day):    $10

Medication (per dose):    $1

* check out during first hour of open, no charge for the day

* any holiday will be a charge day

Two British Kittens
Cat Feeding

The Pet Hotel provides a complete feeding program for cats. Cats are fed dry and canned foods daily with water available at all times. If your kitty requires a special diet we will feed any special meals you provide.

Special Care

Many pets require regular medications.  

We are happy to administer medications provided they are in carefully labeled containers. Medications are charted daily

and carefully hand given.

24 hour Kennel coverage for emergencies.

In case of emergency, we will contact your veterinarian first, then ours.

Checking In

All Pets Must be up to date on all inoculations, including:

  • For Dogs

    • rabies

    • distemper

    • bordatella recommended, but not required

  • For Cats

    • distemper

    • rabies

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