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Fish, Food & Supplies

Our tropical fish section boasts a wide variety of saltwater, freshwater
and brackish fish with new fish arriving every week! 

If your looking for something we don't have let us know, we may be able to special order it.

Image by sanjiv nayak
Aquarium Start-Up

To ensure a successful aquarium in which your fish can survive and thrive, there are some very important set-up and maintenance considerations; water ph and temperature just to name two. 


Click here for a printable page with easy to follow step by step instructions.

Aquarium Tanks

The right tank for your needs. At Mount Tully Kennels, Pet hotel and Store, you'll find the best equipment and advise to set up and maintain a home for your pet fish! Quality tanks from 5 to 220 gallons for fresh and salt water varieties.

Food, Supplies
& Accessories

We have everything you need to get your aquarium up and running! From the fish food to the aquarium tank and all the accessories, including: aerators, filters, heaters, hoods, stands, gravel, and ornaments.

Siamese Fighting Fish
Aquatic Plants

Plants are a good source of oxygen and security for your fish, providing them with a more interesting environment and adding beauty and interest to your aquarium.

Contact MTK  for Helpful Articles & Care Sheets
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