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Mount Tully Kennels
welcomes you with open paws

Mount Tully Kennels Pet Hotel & Store is a 10,000 square foot facility in operation since 1981. Equipped with kennels, cat room, and grooming salon; feed store, tropical and marine fish showroom, and bird and small animal showroom. Everything you need for your pet at home or away!

Puppy in Red Cushion
Black and White Kitten
Image by verdian chua

Mount Tully Kennels offers boarding for dogs and cats with
the finest accommodations for your pet while you're away.

With 40 years in the business of boarding your pets, Mount Tully Kennels is the place to leave your pet when you have to leave town.

At Mount Tully Kennels we have
a top notch grooming salon with expert groomers who will keep your precious pet looking (and smelling) great! 
The groomers at Mount Tully's Grooming Salon are trained, certified and experienced in styling for all breeds, and will always handle your precious one with kindness.

Whatever you're looking for, Mount Tully Kennels can get it for you! We have dog and cat food and toys, litter, large animal feed and supplies, small animals with food and supplies, reptiles with food and supplies, and even birds with food and supplies! It's impossible to list everything, so stop by and check out our inventory!

Meet Mister

Mister is approximately 14 years old. He was adopted as a partially feral cat but is now a complete love bug. Mister is our barn cat and he is such a good mouser, he has run out of critters in the barn and now thinks he needs to eat every animal we have for sale.

Be careful leaving car doors and trunks open

in our parking lot, Mister will hop in for a ride!

Meet Reaper

Reaper was born April 9th 2024. He was an adopted kitten already used to the barn cat world. He loves watching neon tetras swim. With his double paws he is very fast so be careful he may come out of nowhere! He loves all the extra love and attention he can get, but don't let him fool you he's and escape artist at heart. 

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